the list

so, here it is. 
my big, huge, massive list of 365 random acts of kindness.
these are in no particular order ; i am planning on doing one of these acts each & every day for an entire year.
once i complete an act, i will cross it off & link to its appropriate post.

some are duplicates, because i plan on doing them a few times over the course of this year.

1) write a letter to my grandma here
2) create a 'take a smile' page ; with  tear-off smiles here
3) have daphne send postcards to kids with cancer here
4) donate to a kickstarter campaign that is doing awesome things here
5) send an 'you are awesome' email to an eco company we love here
6) go to your apartment laundry room  & load a washer and dryer with quarters here
7) support a local author here
8) buy cups of coffee for members of our military here
9) help stamp out hunger here
10) buy a 'just because' gift for someone here
11) donate books to little free library here
12) write my local politicians, thanking them for voting for gay marriage here
13) knit a gift for a new baby here
14) buy ice cream for a stranger here
15) take the high road here
16) volunteer at a farmers market here
17) buy used books & support our public library here
18) buy a new book for a toddler here
19) help the tornado victims in moore, oklahoma here
20) watch an inspiring video & pass it along here
21) take the longer bike ride home here
22) buy a surprise gift for someone that did something awesome for me here
23) buy a barkbox & support local animal rescue here
24) give someone a nice ride here
25) create a gift basket to benefit a silent auction here
26) answer a question from freekibble & feed a shelter animal here
27) stand up for something i really, really believe in here
28) donate an art kit to a child in moore, oklahoma here
29) take blake on a surprise date here 
30) participate in a crop mob here
31) buy a print from help ink press here
32) host a giveaway for one of my favorite books here
33) donate my bag discount to charity here
34) give daphne money to donate to an injured shelter dog here
35) honor a fallen cyclist by advocating for protected bike lanes here
36) be the family photographer here
37) report a fire to 911 here
38) gift a cookbook i am no longer using here
39) purge a room & donate to a secondhand shop here
40) thank a volunteer for breakfast here
41) share // hand out my new business cards here
42) donate to cancer research [abben] in my grandpas name in honor of fathers day here
43) gift wrap a package for a stranger here
44) lend my favorite workout videos to a neighbor here
45) be a good biker here
46) save a dog from doggy-deathrow here
47) share an awesome documentary here
48) support local farmers here
49) mission : fortify // AKA support a sweet eatery here
50) find a fur-ever home for emma here
51) donate to charity, buy a sweet gift & support a new start-up company here
52) call my grandma here
53) support my local farmers market here
54) ask a biker if he needs help here
55) thank a driver for giving me space on my bike here
56) share an awesome kickstarter campaign here
57) support a yoga teacher-in-training here
58) tell rolling stone magazine their cover is insensitive here
59) support local designers & check out a rad art exhibit here
60) offer a neighbor a poop bag here
61) tell the farmer to 'keep the change' here
62) shop the local co-op here
63) help a family that lost everything in a fire here
64) demand justice for millie here
65) run a 5k that benefits charity here
66) clean up someone else's mess here
67) thank a trainer for a great workout class here
68) buy some grass for my dog here
69) help a little girl protect the elephants here
70) ask a driver to stop texting while driving here
71) give a stranger a gift card here
72) head back to 1950 and solve a murder here
73) sign a petition to ban pesticides in minneapolis here
74) leave a yelp! review here
75) dont freak out on the person that almost hit me by a car here
76) volunteer and make new friends here
77) walk a neighbors dog here
78) take blake on a mini-date here
79) HEY! you gave me too much money! here
80) bring a hostess gift & give a child a gift of education here
81) send blake off for his first day of school here
82) treat MYSELF! here
83) daphnes good deed : giving a shelter dog a chance here
84) share some personal family photos here
85) send an anniversary card here
86) send my sister a birthday gift here
87) buy breakfast for a stranger here
88) CHOP MY HAIR OFF!! here
89) give a police dog a bulletproof vest here
90) attend a karma yoga class  here
91) volunteer at woofstock here
92) support a friend walking for the animals here
93) high-five all the bikers here
94) donate a bag of dog food here
95) share a beautiful video here
96) buy a bar! here
97) get a massage here
98) drop a note here
99) play skee-ball & buy someone else a game here
100) a super-rad kindness flash mob {this one is my favorite!!} here
101) clean up someone else's mess here
102) donate a book here
103) be really nice, have fun & thank volunteers here
104) take a bath here
105) help save a kitty cat here
106) buy underwear here
107) be inspired by a complete stranger here
108) donate to the food shelf here
109) introduce a beautiful dog here
110) give a ton of books a new home here
111) send my grandpa some new photos here
112) the big reveal // TALKING ABOUT THE BE NICE BOX here
113) talking about fear + encouraging others here
114) send a postcard to a little boy here
115) know when to walk away here
116) grab groceries for a neighbor here
117) embracing the 'big-ness' here
118) the kindness carousel {week 1} here
119) support local & purchase gifts that support others here
120) give a book, take a book here
121) kindness carousel {week 2} here
122) ask a favor {also known as : please help!} here
123) veterans day, world kindness day & the good deeds that could have been here
124) give to the max day! here
125) kindness carousel {week 3} here
126) cupcakes for turtle here
127) celebrate my grandmas 85th birthday here
128) kindness carousel {week 4} here
129) save a snowman {and that time i was really mad at a stranger} here
130) kindness carousel {week 5} here
131) shop on black friday {yes, really} here
132) {a vague post on fear, biopsies and doctors appointments} here
133) cat food, kites & cheesecake, oh my here
134) give a little money on #givingtuesday here
135) kindness carousel {week 6} here
136) carry a coffee in a snowstorm here
137) be on tv, bring a gift & dont throw up here
138) kindness carousel {week 7} here
139) seriously, the coolest planner for 2014 here
140) 2014 goals here
141) my favorite gifts : a $2 blanket & a 50-year old pencil here
142) the other side of kindness here
143) delivery {send a care package} here
144) lets talk about mental illness here
145) {dear anonymous} here
146) crush my fears and sign up for a TRIATHLON here
147) watch my sister freeze her butt off in the name of charity here
148) kindness carousel {week 8} here
149) stay calm and save a life {yeah, its that dramatic} here
150) do something for ME here
151) baskets, overcoming poverty and our awesome charity here
152) kindness carousel {week 9} here
153) donate bags {and bags} of clothing here
154) {RECIPE} and a mini-flash mob here
155) February Be Nice Box Reveal here
156) send an article to my grandma here
157) kindness carousel {week 10} here
158) its 'clean out your computer day' here
159) Empty Bowls {and changing the face of youth homelessness} here
160) RSVP to IKEA and donate $1 to Save the Children here
161) receive free stuff {and then give it away} here
162) mini-kindness flash mob // Valentines Day edition here
164) that time i {correctly} stereotyped a girl? here
165) help a lost dog find his family here
166) kindness carousel {week 11} here
167) date day & chili for charity here
168) announcing our March charity here
169) put a {paper mache} bird on it here
170) kindness carousel {week 12} here
171) March BNB Reveal here
172) give Dominic the best birthday EVER here
173) thank my driver here
174) kindness carousel {week 13} here
175) support a local coffee shop here
176) attend a *free* fitness class here
177) drop off {more} books at a little free library here
178) pick up trash here
179) be inspired, cry at a movie and eat pizza here
180) announcing our April BNB charity here
181) hand out a gift card to a stranger here
182) take what you need {and a good reminder that we all need something} here
183) April Be Nice Box Reveal here
184) spread 'positive change' here
185) quitting things that suck and why its okay here
186) reuniting a lost dog with his owner here
187) hand out a stationary kit here
188) kindness carousel {week 14} here
189) the post that started it all {and thoughts on kindness} here
190) cash in change and spend it on ME! here
191) uh-oh ; missed this one
192) send letters to my grandparents here
193) kindness carousel {week 15} here
194) vacation recap {day 1} here
195) vacation recap {day 2} here
196) vacation recap {day 3} HARRY POTER here
197) may Be Nice Box reveal here
198) play a tree for arbor day here
199) energy exchange with modo yoga here
200) the instagram picture that made me all goosebump-y here
201) vacation recap {day 4} here
202) vacation recap {day 5} here
203) help a neighbor here
204) a garage sale and super-purging our lives here
205) last call for june subscribers and a bit about our charities here
206) aladdin soundtracks and player pianos here
207) support a friend and wipe out MS here
208) june Be Nice Box reveal here
209) kindness carousel {week 16} here
210) seed coins and chocolate chip cookies here
211) the perk of NOT having a car here
212) bike date & stopping to smell the flowers here
213) {kindness received} dog treats here
214) whoops, got my numbers mixed up.. ill make this one up!
215) speaking at healthy living summit here
216) buy a shirt & bring a family together here
217) SUGAR BOOKS! seriously, the coolest! here
218) ride a bike for 200 miles here
219) new items in the shop ; more ways to spread kindness here
220) take 15 seconds & provide NINE meals to those in need here
221) bring in the paper here
222) feed the birds ; homemade bird feeders here
223) sneak peek & last chance for the JULY box! here
224) blakes good deed {sugar books & bike trips} here
225) give away a FREE bike pass here
226) {kindness found} yarn bomb here
227) young kids & their entrepreneurial spirit here
228) July Be Nice Box REVEAL here
229) a recap of our 200-mile bike ride here
230) {LOCAL FOLKS} join me for a flash mob here
231) confetti poppers {one of my favorite things ever!} here
232) family time {aka : pictures of my dog} here
233) the 8-year old piano player whose concert went viral here
234) you are BEAUTIFUL {yes, you} here
235) kindness carousel {week 17} here
236) switch to wind power here
238) water bottles & saving the planet here
239) colored pencils & cute postcards here
240) leave a {plantable} note for a stranger here
241) kindness carousel {week 18} here
242) sneak peek & last change for the AUGUST box here
243) kindness carousel {week 19} here
244) team vega review // #fuelyourbetter here
245) send a birthday package to a little boy here
246) save mr. jiggles {reuniting a lost dog with its owner} here
247) my favorite fair trade wedding gift here
248) Sweet Heritage Paper & sending pictures to my family here
249) August Be Nice Box REVEAL here
250) {new in shop} plantable paper flowers here
251) kindness carousel {week 20} here
252) GIVEAWAY {win a veggetti spirilizer} here <--------giveaway is now closed
253) share some fun news here
254) kindness carousel {week 21} here

on deck :
1) take intake photos at a dog shelter
2) treat a friend to brunch
3) donate part of my csa share to the food shelf
4) donate $10 to karma yoga ; each friday, our local yoga studio takes $5 donation classes. all money goes to a really great cause
5) let someone go in front of me in line
6) adopt a school child // buy school supplies // backpack for a kid that needs it
7) return a shopping cart
8) send flowers to my sister
10) run a race for a good cause
11) bring flowers to a nursing home
12) bring in a sweet treat for our dog daycare staff [they are so amazing to daphne!]
13) give $5 kids running a lemonade stand
14) give stuffed animals to police officers to give to kids that need an extra hug [is this something i am able to do?]
15) give out a $5 fast food gift card
16) buy local flowers at the farmers market & hand them out to strangers
17) bring a bouquet of flowers to the hospital ; ask the nurses to give it to the person that needs it the most
18) send an art pack to kids in moore here
19) volunteer at a local animal shelter
20) bring in a 5 pound bag of food to a local animal shelter
21) make // purchase a few toys for a dog shelter
22) bring in toys // supplies that daphne is no longer using 
23) offer to take a couple dogs out for a run // walk
24) tell someones boss they are awesome
25) write a thank you note to someone who did something awesome for me a long time ago
26) listen to the elderly talk about the past ; write their stories down
27) kindness cards from Brian Williams ; think kindness
28) be someones cheerleader ; someone that needs a little 'oomph'
29) treat a friend to a movie
30) buy lunch for a homeless person
31) tape unused coupons to products at the store ; be the coupon fairy
32) sprinkle seeds ; wildflowers
33) hand out ice scrapers on the first snow
34) invite someone to join me
35) buy handmade
36) befriend a stranger
37) leave change in the laundry room
38) leave change at a vending machine
39) knit a gift for a new baby
40) sew a gift for a new baby 
41) adopt a family at Christmas time
42) write my dad a thank-you note
43) write my mom a thank-you note
44) buy coffee for a stranger
45) give a stranger a coffee gift card
46) spend an entire day taking care of myself ; hair cut, massage, pedicure
47) say something nice when i think it ; instead of keeping it to myself
48) cook a healthy meal for blake
49) adopt a school child // buy school supplies // backpack for a kid that needs it
50 donate tiny pumpkins to a preschool classroom
51) read a classic book ; pass it on
52) leave an umbrella in a public place
53) clean up graffiti
54) ride with trail watch
55) give up my birthday for charity
56) help someone whos bike has broken down
57) volunteer to clean up // rake yards
58) read to a child ; volunteer in a class room?
59) be a designated driver
60) bring someone a souviner
61) send flowers to my grandma
62) send flowers to my mom
63) donate $1 ; whole foods, target, ect [you know when you are checking out & they ask if you want to add a dollar to your bill for charity?]
64) give someone a hug
65) help someone unload groceries
66) thank the bus driver
67) share produce with a neighbor
68) can vegetables and give them to a friend
69) praise a parent for doing a good job
70) plant a window garden
71) bake someone a cake
72) bake someone cupcakes
73) help someone move
74) donate $10 worth of childrens books to a local non profit
75) leave a positive blog comment
76) leave a positive blog comment
77) write a thank you note
78) write a thank you note
79) write a thank you note
80) send a card to someone
81) do a bike ride for a good cause
82) paint a picture for someone
83) ask someone about their culture
84) measure my carbon footprint ; encourage others to do the same
85) volunteer at a community garden
86) volunteer at a community garden
87) donate $10 worth of cihldrens books to a local school
88) volunteer with bees kneez [a local honey bike delivery biz]
89) volunteer with bossy acres [our csa]
90) make a bird feeder [nature needs acts of kindness, too!]
91) organize a toy drive // something similar
92) volunteer with the DNR
93) volunteer with the local park service
94) knit a scarf for someone 
95) knit a hat for someone 
96) leave a big tip + a note for good service
97) bring coworkers a sweet treat
98) volunteer with habitat for humanity
99) volunteer at a food bank
100) pack weekend meals for kids that need food [anybody know what local org does this?]
101) buy a few extra items at the grocery store & donate them to the food shelf // bank
102) send an 'you are awesome' email to an eco company we love
103) compliment the sales clerk
104) send friends a list of awesome local businessees we support 
105) give a tube to a biker with a flat tire // popped tube
106) give a few reusable bags to friends // strangers
107) participate in a cookie exchange
108) donate to a winter coat drive
109) add money to someones parking meter
110) donate diapers
111) volunteer with sisters camelot [they hand out organic meals to folks all all over the city]
112) donate old towels and blankets to an animal shelter
113) attend a local // city // neighborhood meeting about bike safety // infastructure
114) join a book club [because reading makes us all better, right?]
115) plant a memory tree in my grandpas name
116) support project 7 ; buy some gum [each time you buy a pack of gum, they plant a tree]
117) help fill sandbags for an area that is in a flood zone
118) volunteer at a food shelf // soup kitchen for thanksgiving
119) send a note of thanks to a local EMT 
120) bake cookies for a bake sale
121) hold the door open for someone
122) volunteer with bike cops for kids!
123) make a kiva loan 
124) find an organization that empowers girls with bikes 
125) write a leter to my local officials that are doing great things
126) bring a meal to new parents
127) help build a playground ; work with kaboom?
128) bring a warm drink to a salvation army bell ringer
129) give away toothbrushes & small toothpastes to a homeless shelter
130) offer free babysitting for a family
131) leave a note or giftcard in a random book
132) message my boss with praise for a coworker
133) bake cookies or cake for someones bithday
134) leave a flower pot on random steps
135) sidewalk chalk messages of love
136) walk a friends dog
137) write cory booker & tell him how awesome he is
138) donate a few toys to toys for tots
139) leave a pack of stamps in the stamp machine
140) volunteer for a used book sale for our local library
141) place a stack of pennies near a fountain with a note about wishes
142) volunteer to deliver meals on wheels
143) pay for an extra car wash
144) tape a random note on the bus window
145) leave a thank-you note on a veterans car
146) tutor a child
147) take the longer bike route home
148) plant a tree
149) buy a few extra items at the grocery store & donate them to the food shelf // bank
150) have daphne write a letter to a sick kid
152) have daphne write a letter to a sick kid
153) send a 'thinking of you' gift to blakes parents
154) pre-stamp a few notecards and hand them out, letting the recipient know to send it to someone they appreciate
155) ask a friend to go for a walk
156) stand somewhere with a sign that says ‘ you are perfect’
157) take my sister out on a date
158) take my dad out to lunch
159) kiss the cook
160) compliment a stranger on their parenting
161) be the first to apologize
162) write a letter to cesar millan & tell him hes awesome
163) tell a friend she is beautiful
164) give a gift to a new mom for mothers day
165) hand out dog treats on the bike trail
166) check out gifts for seniors ; organization
167) send a joke book to a kid
168) teach a funny joke to a kid
169) create a birthday calendar to keep track of birthdays
170) surprise blake with a picnic
171) send my grandma a letter with a new photo
172) take a day off work & take care of myself
173) take a day off work & volunteer
174) schedule my annual physical [because my health is important, too]
175) buy a plant for a friend
176) make an anonymous donation
177) start a conversation with a person working the cash register
178) help glean fruit trees
179) send a postcard
180) learn how to change a bike tire
181) surprise visit to my grandma
182) stop swearing
183) compliment someones new haircut
184) take the neighbors trash out
185) leave the mail carrier a thank you note
186) leave the mail carrier a thank you note
187) meditate for 10 minutes
188) pet a random dog
189) buy a plant for a neighbor
190) collect tissue boxes, toilet paper & paper towel rolls, pens, pencils, notebooks, markers & crayons from around the house and donate them to a local elementary school or a community ed center
191) send a note of thanks to my local firehouse. the tragedy we see on tv & in pictures is nothing compared to the work these folks run TOWARDS every day!
192) let someone go first at a 4-way stop
193) buy a dozen donuts ; pass them out to random customers at work
194) host a brunch for friends
195) write a letter to one of my favorite authors
196) write a letter to a favorite author
197) pick up trash on the bike trail
198) pick up trash on a hiking trail
199) send a thank you card to my grandmas best friend
200) send a letter to my aunt and uncle
201) go to a laundromat & load a washer & dryer with quarters for the next person
202) share a family recipe
203) invite local newspapers // magazines to join in on this project
204) attend a cultural event for a culture i am not super familiar with
205) buy a gift for a friends dog
206) learn to make orgami heart ; give them away
207) draw a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk
208) give away a water bottle
209) give away a reusable bag 
210) buy someone froyo or ice cream
211) attend a charity zumba event
212) ask 10 people to take back their shopping carts
213) make small birthday bags with balloon, horns, candy, stickers & leave in a public place ; include a 'take this if its your birthday' note
214) tell everybody about a really great customer service experience
215) welcome a refugee family
216) become a 'friend of the library' ; its the local lib group. they volunteer, host book clubs & do other literacy activities
217) bring hair bows and barrettes to a childrens hospital
218) join post pals ; they send letters to sick kids
219) give a kite to a family down at the lake // park
220) join // donate // volunteer with share our strength // no kid hungry
221) donate to the animal sanctuary
222) purchase a soccer ball for a child in need 
223) let someone merge on the interstate
224) cut the coupons & donate them to a local womens shelter
225) send an anonymous gift to my sister
226) tap maple syrup
227) buy someone a cold beverage on a hot day
228) adopt // sponsor an endangered animal [lion // monkey // tiger // owl // leopard]
229) create a kindness flash mob [each month ; i want to pick one act of kindness & encourage others to do it on the same day] [
230) volunteer with the childrens theatre
231) volunteer for the edina art fair
232) send a letter to my grandpa
233) buy hats, gloves & hand warmers and pass them out to the homeless on the cold days
234) donate to falling whistles
235) run // bike a ride // race & donate to charity miles
236) tape some money for the bus at a bus stop
237) give a gift certificate to a random person
238) buy a bag of coffee for folks in the military here
239) SLOW DOWN when i see dogs, kids, walkers, joggers & people on bikes
240) volunteer with MADD
241) donate socks for hannahs socks
242) recycle my old gym // running shoes with the nike reuse program
243) do something with 100cameras [either buy a photo or sponsor a camera][flash mob?]
244) cut the coupons & donate them to a  friend
245) teach an internet class for seniors
246) donate books to little free library
247) send a note of thanks to my local police station
248) cut the coupons & donate them to the store
249) cut the coupons & donate them to a neighbor 
250) leave a plant on a strangers doorstep
251) leave a positive blog comment
252) send email to al
253) send package to cheryl
254) hand out a few lottery tickets to strangers
255) send a letter to my great uncle
256) raise pennies for leukemia
257) send a friend a mix cd
258) take a yoga class
259) buy a mosquito net to help prevent malaria [and support others to do the same] here
260) send an anonymous gift to a friend
261) leave a 'you are awesome' note on a random car windshield
262) send a postcard to the library here 
263) help a cambodian girl get to school here
264) support a local bike mag here
265) listen to TAL + donate to harper high here
266) leave a 'you are awesome' note on a random car windshield
267) send my parents flowers or a note of thanks on my birthday
268) leave a copy of a favorite book on the bus with a note inside
269) leave a copy of a favorite book on the train with a note inside
270) leave a copy of a favorite book on the plane with a note inside
271) plant a tree
272) plant a tree
273) bring 5 gift baskets to domestic violence shelter
274) foster a dog
275) pay for the person behind me at the toll booth 
276) pay for the person behind me at the movies
277) pay for the person behind me at the drive-thru
279) knit 20 hats for NICU babies
280) take the recycling out [usually blake does it]
281) share 10 kickstarter projets that are worth backing
282) share a dream job opportunity with someone looking for something new
283) send a 'thinking of you' text to someone i havent seen for a while
284) donate kids books to a childrens hospital
285) leave flowers on a strangers doorstep
286) leave flowers on a strangers doorstep
287) give $10 to the lib to pay off someones fine
288) compliment strangers 
289) compliment strangers 
290) compliment strangers 
291) visit a nursing home
292) pass out a $5 target gift card to strangers in the parking lot
293) pass out a $5 grocery store gift card to strangers in the parking lot
294) pass out a $10 gift card to strangers in the parking lot
295) pass out a $10 gift card to strangers in the parking lot
296) compliment runners as they pass by
297) compliment bikers as they pass by
298) volunteer to help clean up a ditch
299) bring cupcakes to homeless shelter
300) bake cookies for fireman
301) scape car windshields for strangers in the fall // winter 
302) spend a few hours helping elderly write out Christmas cards at a senior care facility
303) dress up in a Halloween costume and pass out stickers // treats at a childrens cancer ward

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