Thursday, June 6, 2013

day 34 : give daphne money to help save an injured dog-friend

happy thursday!
at the beginning of this project, daphne decided to send some postcards to 7 kids living with cancer.
[we have been checking the mailbox, but she hasnt heard anything back yet..]
you can read that post here.

blake & i follow a few different animal rescue organization here in minneapolis on both twitter & facebook.
daphne was reading over my shoulder last night & saw that her rescue [the one that saved her life] was needing to raise some money to help save another dogs life.

you can read bear's full story here ; but in short, he was shot in the chest, has a broken leg & was found in a pool of his own blood.
the rescue was looking to raise $750 to help cover his surgery // med costs.
in one hour, all the money had been raised [yay!!]
daphne knew she had to help [she was trapped in a harness when she was found & also needed surgery], so i borrowed her some cash & she sent bear some 'bones' [thats dog-speak for money ;)]

and while bear has met his goal, safe hands rescue exists because of donations. if you are looking to donate, you can do so through bears link here. all extra money will go to help rescue another pup who deserves an awesome family! 

ps : dont forget to enter the giveaway here 

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