Friday, June 7, 2013

day 35 : honor a fallen cyclist by advocating for protected bike lanes


did you know that blake & i are bikers?
he hasnt owned a car for 6+ years & i have been a bike commuter for over 3.5 years.
the more i bike, the more passionate [and aware] i have become about the rules, politics and infanstructure. living in the bike friendliest city in the country makes it super easy to bike ; but it can also be dangerous. believe it or not, not everybody loves bikes the way i do... i have had things thrown at me, been threatened & swerved at ; all more than once.

i like to think that i am super aware. i dont text, talk or listen to music when i ride. i focus on my surroundings and always ride as if cars cant see me. i am super predictable, always wear a helmet & have 6 lights on my bike for night // early morning riding.

a few months ago, there was a girl [my age] riding home late at night & she was struck & killed by a drunk driver. she lived in a neighborhood that blake use to bike & she worked in our neighborhood. its a good reminder that accidents happen ; no matter how prepared you think you might be.

a few days ago, a guy in chicago [also my age] was biking home from work when he was struck & killed by a drunk driver. in reading articles & forums, it sounds like he was one of the 'good bikers' ; one who always signaled, followed traffic laws, wore a helmet & lights and showed respect on the road.

it breaks my heart that drinking & driving is still a 'thing.' its stupid. and dangerous. and against the law.

bobby [the kid in chicago] worked at groupon & they have really stepped up to the plate in his honor.
you can go here to donate $10. every single penny raised will go to the neighborhood bikeways campaign to help bring protected bike lanes to parts of chicago.
as of yesterday, they had already raised $25,000.

also, pleasepleaseplease pinky-promise that you wont text & drive OR drink & drive.
its so dangerous. and senseless. and unnecessary.
also, even if you are going 30 mph & you hit a biker, there is a large chance you can kill them.
hitting a biker will change lives. yours. your children. your partner. not to mention the biking community & they family of the biker.
when you are on the road ; please focus on the road. 

 see you tomorrow!

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