Tuesday, June 18, 2013

day 44 : lend my favorite workout dvds to a neighbor

happy tuesday! 
todays good deed was super simple & only took a minute!
we have lived in our apartment for almost 3 years now, so we know most of our neighbors pretty well.
across the hall, we have a women who we have gotten close to. 
this winter, she slipped on some ice & got pretty banged up. we offered to take her dog out each day to give her a break & keep her off the ice.

as a thank you to us, she bought us tickets to see the twins [which we did last week!]
as i was thanking her for the tickets, she mentioned that now that our 10-month winter was over [seriously!], she was really hoping to get back into better shape.
[months of ice & miserable temps is hard on everyBODY!]
since she has a few chronic injuries, i went through my jumbo stash of workout dvds & gave her a few of my favorites to borrow.
[ps : if you love pilates & are looking for a good workout, the fat-buring pilates video on the bottom of the stack is great. one of my all-time faves!]
so easy!
thanks for reading!

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