Sunday, June 2, 2013

day 30 : participate in a crop mob

happy sunday!
this one is a day late, but im sure you dont mind ;)

two weeks ago, i volunteered at the farmers market with my csa [here]. blake & i belong to a csa called bossy acres. its run by two awesome women & is certified organic [win, win!]

yesterday, they held a crop mob [a group of people come out & help get work done]. the farm is 45 minutes outside the city, so we [plus my good friend chris] came out and planted peppers, tomatoes & eggplant. over the course of the day, 3,000 [!] plants were put into the ground.

we were only there for 90 minutes ; but there is something so amazing about getting your hands dirty & feeling the soil. i love the idea of being so connected to the food we are eating.

about 10 minutes after we finished, the rain came. because of the horizon, we could see the clouds rolling in & the storm starting to form. we dont get to see that happening in the city.

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