Monday, June 10, 2013

day 36 : be the family photographer

i am a bit behind on my blog posts [its hard on the weekends!] ; so i am catching up!
this weekend, we drove down to small-town minnesota to celebrate my uncles 60th birthday party.
my family is pretty large. my grandparents had 7 kids, all of them married & had 2-3 kids. a few of my cousins have kids now, too.

another thing about my family : they all live pretty close to each other. the majority of my aunts & uncles live within 10 miles of one another. sometimes i think they take that for granted & dont see each other as much as they could.

since they dont all get together often, there arent a ton of photos of all of them together. so, i decided to be a pain in everyones butt & request a ton of photos throughout the night..
the bar had bad lighting, so my 'good' camera didnt work well ; but i thought that poorly-lit cell phone photos would be better than nothing.

i took about 200 photos, but here are a few of my favorites.
i will print these off & send them to everyone, too!
i took this one with the camera facing us [so we could all see our faces] & my dad and grandpa were blown away by the technology. they thought it was so cool that they could see their faces & then take the picture.

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