Thursday, June 20, 2013

day 46 : save a dog on doggy death-row

thursday, today!
hope you are doing great ;)

meet emma!
[everybody say 'hi emma!']

last monday, lynn posted emmas picture on twitter.
here is the story : 
emma & another pup [not sure of her name] were living with an older woman & she passed away. when an owner dies, the animals are taken to animal control ['the pound'] for 10 days. in those 10 days, the dog can be claimed by friends // family. if the dog is NOT claimed, they are put down. [which is SO freakin' sad!]. lynn posted a photo saying that emma was on day 10 [meaning, if she didnt find a family by monday, she would be put down tuesday morning]. i called blake, in tears, explaining her situation & feeling so sick. so unfair for this dog to be killed because of something that had nothing to do with her. its not like she attacked anybody. her owner died. also, her dog friend had already been rescued, so she was just sitting in a kennel at animal control for 10 days. i cant imagine the stress & fear that she was feeling.

we connected with a rescue group [here in minneapolis, a foster family has to be secured before an animal rescue can pull a dog from animal control] & offered to take emma.

she was successfully pulled from animal control [yay] ; but then had to sit at the vet for a few days to get her shots, have a tumor removed & her dental work done.

yesterday, we went to pick her up! she is 6 years old & needs to drop quite a bit of weight to be considered healthy [about 15 pounds]. our first overnight did NOT go well. daphne is a bit territorial & is struggling with this transition. blake & i are both running on less than 2 hours of sleep, but i am hoping a few days of routine will make everything easier. [this morning i got up & was super crabby & wanted to start complaining. and then i remembered that this dog was given a second chance to be loved for the rest of her days.]
we do not plan on adopting emma into our family ; just giving her a safe home until she finds a family that cant live without her. [this is nothing personal. daphne isnt ready for a 'fur-ever sibling' & we really need a yard]

with that said, if YOU or anybody you know is looking to give a good dog a great home, let me know. [its okay if you dont live in minneapolis!]
[also, she is totally non-reactive to dogs & kids. she is super 'human' motivated. im guessing after 14 days of being in a scary, locked cage, all she wants is to be pet & loved]

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  1. Just reading through several of your posts, love what you did in this one. :) How is Emma - did she find a "fur-ever" home? xx