Sunday, June 16, 2013

day 42 : make a donation in honor of my grandpa

sunday, today! 
did you see my post about my business cards? i only have 3 left to give away! 

today is fathers day! 
three years ago [later this summer], my grandpa passed away. when i think of the man that taught me life lessons, came to my choir concerts, cheered at my ball games & attended all of my girl scout banquets ; i think about my grandpa. he read me stories when i was little & always brought me donuts for breakfast!

losing my grandpa was awful ; i honestly felt my heart break into a million pieces. 
this picture below was the very last photo he & i ever took. 

the summer after the earthquake in haiti, blake & i went down for a month to help rebuild.
we took this photo a few days before we left for haiti. three days after we got back into the us, he was admitted to the hospital & passed away the next day.
i feel incredibly lucky that i was able to be there with him when he passed away. 

i am this person because of him.
so today, in his memory, i will be donating to cancer research. 
[this is the cancer center that treated him. they were so good to he & my grandma ; i am forever grateful!]

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