Friday, October 31, 2014

day 285 : kindness carousel {week 26}

another round of awesome links from around the web! //

1) you have until midnight TONIGHT to vote for Daph {as Harry Paw-ter} in this costume contest!

2) YES! ---> 30 avoidable mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make repeatedly

3) colorado is doing AMAZING things to eradicate homelessness! this coffee shop is working hard to employ folks who are trying to get out of homelessness!

4) this video about kindness on mindy's blog had me in tears ; its so sweet! also, if you love books & want a great blog to read, hers should definitely be in your reader!

5) woohoo! -- simple ways to make someones day better! 

6) i played softball from the age of 4, all through high school. i remember watching the us softball team in the 1996 olympics and being so incredibly blown away by their speed, talent & accuracy! i loved watching mo'ne davis throw out the first pitch for the 2014 world series! 

7) i am a huge believer in purging // decluttering! i really think that we find contentment & happiness {which in turn, makes us kinder humans!} when we strip away all of the materialistic things we don't really need! this article is great!

8) this cotton throw is hand-stitched from reclaimed sari cloth! the colors & quality are SO beautiful! they also have holiday stockings here!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

day 284 : you've been ghosted & carving pumpkins {FALL BE NICE BOX}

the fall be nice box {grab yours here} contains a list of 30 acts of kindness, 10 tangible items & a gift! we still have quite a few fall boxes available ; so, i would love for you to play along with us! 

halloween is tomorrow! our pumpkins are already carved & most of the roasted seeds have already been eaten! 
i will get in a run & some yoga & then blake & i will stay in ; {probably} eat pizza and watch 'its the great pumpkin, charlie brown.' {i have all the charlie brown shows on dvd ; so we watch them every year!}  and to be honest, we will probably also catch up on 'scandal' ; this season is totally scary! ;)
{please forgive the poor photo quality!} mine is a castle & blake carved a skull!

the #9 good deed in the fall be nice box is 'Boo a Neighbor // leave a sweet treat on the doorstep'
all subscribers received these awesome tags from artsyville {grab yours here
you can grab a small bag ; throw in some chocolate, a baked good or a fun mini-gift {fall-smelling soap or candle!} and leave it on a neighbors doorstep! 
i really love fun surprises like this! 

tell us: what are you doing for halloween tomorrow? 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

day 283 : #52coffees // week 2

this is my second outing for my #52coffees project! 
{read about it here & week 1 is here
last week, i met with jen {who runs this great blog! seriously, her photos are beautiful!} jen & i met last spring during a #30daysofbiking social ride. since then, we have been trying to get together & following one another on twitter.
we met at the dunn brothers in linden hills & chatted about biking, jobs, the internet and MORE! 
so far, i am really loving this project! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

day 282 : half-marathon training plan {week 1}

alright, i am going to do it!
sign up for a half-marathon! {this one}
i am really not a huge fan of running {biking comes so much easier to me} ; but have always wanted to be a stronger runner! right now, i am pretty slow ; so i know that following a great plan will help me build my endurance and shave time off my mile.

i am following a 20-week training plan that starts today! i will be using this space to track & record my progress each week. {i use to run a fitness // vegan // lifestyle blog and i actually miss having a space to record race training and my fitness endeavors}

i will be following this run // walk program!
week 1 // 
monday 27th: 30 min run // run 1min + walk 2min {repeat 10x}
tuesday 28th: cross train 30-60min {hot yoga // bike ride // barre}
wednesday 29th: 30 min run // run 1min + walk 2min {repeat 10x}
thursday 30th: rest
friday 31st: cross train 30-60min {hot yoga or bike ride}
saturday 1st: run 3miles // run 1min + walk 2min
sunday 2nd: 60min of hot yoga

i apologize for no photos!
have you completed a half? is there a certain race // ride that you have your sights on?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

day 281 : new plantable flowers in the shop

are you looking for tiny {but super awesome} addition to a gift or card? 
we have a new color of plantable paper flowers in the shop! 
they are all pinks & blue & super fun!

each packet is $1.25 {free shipping!} & you will receive 7-8 flowers in each!
all flowers are paper with wildflower seeds embedded in them!
you can head here to check them out!

i like to include a packet of these coins whenever i send someone a card or a gift!
it adds a fun, planet-saving twist!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

day 280 : apple picking + mini-recipe round-up {Fall Be Nice Box}

the fall be nice box {still available!} contains 30 acts of kindness, 10 tangible items & a rad gift for the subscriber! 
i am going to take the next few weeks to showcase ALL of the good deeds from the box! 
{you can see a full recap of the box here}

todays good deed : #5 go apple // pumpkin picking

this is actually one of the first years in a really long time that we haven't gone to an apple farm to pick our own apples. lucky for us, we live a block away from a co-op and have two weekly farmers markets within 5 blocks of us! there are plenty of local apples for us to purchase! 

apples are easily one of my favorite fruits & i usually eat 2 apples a day {cut up and dipped in peanut butter is my favorite!}

i have gathered a few of my favorite apple recipes below :
1) apple nachos ---> here

2) apple cheddar biscuits ---> here

3) butternut squash & apple pizza ---> here

4) apple quinoa salad ---> here

tell us : have you picked apples yet? whats your favorite way to eat them? 

Friday, October 24, 2014

day 279 : kindness carousel {week 25}

today, i am at a conference about NGOs ; i am super excited to meet awesome folks who are working hard to change the world.
tomorrow is the MN Blog Conference!

check out the links below to find some of the coolest content from around the internet!

1) did you check out my review of manitoba harvest hemp hearts? this recipe for banana chocolate hemp brownies looks awesome!
2) are you a fan of andrew mcmahon? {he's the genius behind something corporate & jack's mannequin!} he just released a new album AND he's coming to the cities next week! he just did this interview & it makes me SO in awe of his talent! {i still remember exactly where i was in 2002, the first time i heard 'if u see jordan' on the local college radio station!}
3) one of my october goals has been to super-purge our apartment! i only have the kitchen left, but have already taken 4 big loads to the recycling AND i have a huge ikea bag FULL of things to donate! this article offers 5 questions to ask when decluttering.
4) this story brought me to tears! the acts of kindness between two rival schools ; proves that there is ALWAYS room for kindness!
5) my sweet friend hannah posted this picture of her friend completing one of the good deeds from the fall box! {ps : fall boxes are STILL available!}

6) LOVE this! photos of children around the world & what they eat for breakfast.

7) another one that makes me cry --> the Boston Opera House launched an Autism-friendly showing of The Lion King! as someone who has worked in the Autism community ; this makes my heart SO full!
8) the folks at Minneapolis Happening wrote this sweet article about the Be Nice Box!

what other awesome things have you read this week?