Tuesday, December 16, 2014

day 294 : HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for fitness lovers!

*this post is sponsored by pro compression & sweat pink // i received free product, but all opinions are my own*

do you have all your holiday shopping done yet? 
i have a pretty good idea on who is getting what ; its just a matter of going out and grabbing everything.

i put together a list of my top 5 #holidayrunlist gift ideas!
{since its winter // icy here in minnesota, i haven't been spending as much time running outside, but these are great all-around gifts for your favorite fitness lover}

1) PRO Compression
i have been wearing // training in // using pro compression socks for a few years now and i am a HUGE fan! i have this pair & this pair and i LOVE this wool-blend pair {so perfect for winter running // sledding // skating!}
for the past month+, i have been super sick and yoga & walking Daph have been my 'workouts of choice.'
these socks are so great for sore muscles and for bringing relief and circulation back into your legs!
best part? they are made in the US! 
DISCOUNT CODE : type in PINK2 and save 40% on your ENTIRE Pro Compression purchase!

2) Onzie

{another of my favorite made-in-the-us brands} of all the brands // gear i have tried for hot yoga, these products are by far the best! also awesome? they are great for biking, running & look great as leggings under dresses! i have a pair of the long pants, a pair of capris & i recently won a pair of shorts {more on that when they arrive!}
and these gypsy pants are totally on my wish list!

3) vega

yum! vega is my favorite protein powder! pretty much for the last 2+ years, i have had a smoothie with chocolate vega for EVERY SINGLE breakfast!

how about a gift for the fitness lover // do-gooder who has everything? 88 bikes is such a great organization! just $88 will purchase a bike {and train the rider} in a developing nation. their website is so inspirational!

5) You Are Beautiful
this hat is awesome {right?!} and i love the message! i have been supporting YAB for quite a while {we have included their stickers and wrapping paper in past be nice boxes!} this hat looks super warm {i am buying this for myself as a holiday gift!} AND is made in the US! i wear hats most days in the spring, fall & winter! a hat like this is great for running, walking the dog & can totally see myself wearing it on a future snowshoeing trip! 

tell me : what are YOU grabbing for your fitness-loving friends this year? 

Friday, December 12, 2014

day 293: kindness carousel {week 28}

you guys!
its been a month since i have been here! 
i have so much to share ; but today isn't the day!

however, today IS the day that the first batch of winter be nice boxes shipped! we still have quite a few left & you can grab one here

instead, check out some of the best links around the web : 
1) one of my 2015 goals is to take a photo a day {preferably with my 'good' camera} // 13 resources for DSLR users

2) 7 ways to make some else's day! 

3) 4th graders write notes to help get local dogs adopted

4) these are so great ---> 40 ways to practice self-care

5) jetblue is holding a #flyitforward campaign {so cool} 

6) these are MY kind of people! // couple ditches honeymoon to preform acts of kindness in all 50 states! 

7) LOVE THIS! a beauty shop that goes way beyond 'skin deep'

8) you go, people for bikes! this new campaign is AWESOME! 

Friday, November 7, 2014

day 292 : kindness carousel {week 27}

another round of awesome things from the internet!

1) you know how important 'made in the usa' is to me, right? in southern mn, we have a woolen mill that has been around since 1865! last year, blake and i went down to the factory and each purchased a scarf {i have this one}. they are so warm & such incredible quality. this throw is on my wish-list! {they ship worldwide and all of their items would make awesome holiday gifts}

2) speaking of blankets ; this tutorial is on my winter bucket list! {and lets be honest ; you can never have enough blankets during the minnesota winters}

3) this book is so great! its like a modern version of 'alexander & the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.'

4) YES! ---> 6 ways to give generously while on a budget

5) biz post ---> how to get your blog & shop ready for the holidays

6) your purchase of these {bamboo!}notecards donate 100% of profits to saving the bees

7) local folks! drop off any new, unwrapped toy {either at the history center or other locations around the city} & receive a free admission to the history center! {we have been members for 3+ years & the center is one of the coolest places in the cities} {details of the toy drive here}

8) a local apple orchard donated over 12,000 POUNDS of apples to local food shelves. {this makes my heart SO happy!} // story is here

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

day 290 : #52coffees // week 3

week 3 of #52coffees!
{you guys, i am really enjoying this project!}

my sweet friend nicole was in the neighborhood & we took daphne for a nice, long stroll! 
i have known nicole for a couple years now & she really is one of my favorite people in the universe. her energy and her huge heart are just incredible! 

she's in a band {you can check them out here} and she has a blog FULL of awesome vegetarian recipes! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

day 289 : {BOOK REVIEW} The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High

one of my 2014 goals is to read 52 books. right now, i am pretty far behind {i think i've read about 35-ish books} 
a couple months ago, roseanne cheng sponsored my blog! she's an educator, an author and the founder of teachable lit
between blake & i, we have worked with kids our entire adult lives. we have spent HOURS talking about education, behavior management, reform, the role of education in politics, and SO MUCH MORE! 

roseanne's blog is great ; if you love books and/or working with kids ; i recommend you check it out! 
she recently released a book, geared towards middle schoolers and i was lucky enough to receive a copy! 

the book follows a group of 6th graders, whose school has made quite a few financial cuts. big corporations get involved in the school and suddenly, the school is thriving. as the plot advances, we find {just like everything in life} that all that glitters, is not gold.
i really enjoyed this book & think there are so many teachable moments for kids & great reminders for adults! 

for my educator // book-lover // librarian // parent -friends ; i recommend checking out roseanne's blog & her book! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

day 288 : half-marathon training plan {week 2}

here we go! 
i am kicking off week 2 of my half-marathon training.
{you can see my week 1 recap at the bottom of this post}

week 2 //
monday 3rd: 30 min run // run 1min + walk 2min {repeat 10x}
tuesday 4th: cross train 30-60min {hot yoga // bike ride // barre}
wednesday 5th: 28 min run // run 2 min + walk 2 min {repeat 7x}
thursday 6th: rest day
friday 7th: cross train 30-60min {hot yoga // bike ride // barre}
saturday 8th: run 3miles // run 1min + walk 2min
sunday 9th: 60min of hot yoga

week 1 // 
monday 27th: 30 min run // run 1min + walk 2min {repeat 10x}
tuesday 28th: cross train 30-60min {hot yoga // bike ride // barre} // biked for 90 min
wednesday 29th: 30 min run // run 1min + walk 2min {repeat 10x} // skipped the intervals & just ran for 30 min
thursday 30th: rest
friday 31st: cross train 30-60min {hot yoga or bike ride} // HOT YOGA!
saturday 1st: run 3miles // run 1min + walk 2min // took a nice run around lake harriet
sunday 2nd: 60min of hot yoga

{its hard to see, but i have been running in these leggings and LOVE them!}
{ps : i am a spandits! ambassador ; if you grab a pair, mention that i sent you!}

Sunday, November 2, 2014

day 287 : Give Thanks & my favorite graphic designer {FALL BE NICE BOX}

november, you guys! 
the winters here can be cold & brutal, but there is something so amazing about getting ready for a new season {and a new year!}

we made quite a few changes to the be nice box, when we launched the fall box {yep, still available! grab one here} one of those changes was making individual good deed cards. {in the past, there was a treasure map with all of the good deeds drawn on}
there are 30 good deed cards & they turned out SO great! they are small enough to put a couple in your wallet, tape to the fridge or slip in an envelope for a friend // stranger! 

i was so lucky to have my sweet friend dajon design the cards for the box!
also, {because, seriously, she's so great!} she made the gift for the boxes! 
every box contained a fun paper garland that reads 'give thanks!}

if you are looking for a designer, dajon recently launched her newest design project called 'brand happy.' {i highly recommend her!!}