Monday, September 15, 2014

day 264 : September Be Nice Box REVEAL

theme // for the littles {all good deeds are ways to help kids, or kids at heart, spread kindness}
gift // {each month, the subscriber receives as small gift as a thank you for making the planet a better place} a super-tasty vegan chocolate bar from meadowlands chocolate

this months good deeds // 
1) back to school! spend $5 or $10 on school supplies ; either bring to a school or drop off in-store
2) embrace your inner child and play on a playground! 
3) LOVE THIS! use your imagination & play with a friend // INCLUDED matchbox theatre
4) draw a hopscotch grid or write a fun message on the sidewalk
5) teach someone a silly knock-knock joke
6) gift or leave a coloring book and crayons for your favorite artists // INCLUDED crayons and mini-coloring book
7) offer a free night of babysitting or petsitting
8) team up with your favorite kid {or kid at heart} and make some cards. you can send them to a school or children's hospital // INCLUDED card kit
9) leave a few pennies next to a fountain ; always encourage the dreamers! 
10) remember your favorite childhood book? buy a copy and donate it ; school, shelter, doctors office or little free library
11) foster creativity // INCLUDED paper dolls
12) see a parent with their arms full? hold the door open. better yet, do this for EVERYBODY!

items included in this months box // 
matchbox theatre from leafcutter designs // crayons from little doodlers // coloring book from the tiny totem // card kit from kreation krate // paper dolls from todd parr {he's my favorite author!} 

throughout the month, i will be sharing more on each awesome artist from this months box! 
if you want to join us for the fall box {remember, we moved to a quarterly format!} ; you can sign up here

also, be sure to use #benicebox to share all of your photos on social media! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

day 263 : DOG BONES! supporting local with Barkley's Bistro

one of my favorite things about being a small business owner is having the opportunity to meet & support other business owners who are doing awesome things! 
last may, in the 'feathers & fur' box, we featured dog biscuits from barkley's bistro! the owners are awesome & its been so fun watching their business grow!

this year, they had a booth at the MN state fair, we knew we had to stop by! 
we bought daph a big bag of blueberry & greek yogurt treats AND a bag of beer treats! the beer bones contain spent grains from a great local brewery!
you guys, she LOVES these treats! i see that they aren't available in their shop yet, but when they are, we will be sure to restock!
 this might be one of my favorite pictures of all time. look at that patient paw waiting for her treat! ;) 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

day 262 : the great minnesota get together {and ALL of the photos}

are you from MN? 
if so, you know the Mn State Fair is a BIG DEAL! millions of people attend every year! people basically spent entire days eating their way through the fair ; so much food and the people-watching is incredible!
this is completely made from grains ; isn't it incredible? 

blake & i go each year. usually, we bike 8 miles to one of the shuttle busses, spend the day walking around, bus back & then ride home! 
the state fair isn't known for being super vegan // vegetarian-friendly, so we don't spend much time with the food! 
below are some of my favorite photos from our 2014 state fair experience! 

we ate : cinnamon almonds // pretzel breaded cheese curds // sweet marthas chocolate chip cookies // apple turnover // risotto poppers // falafel

every year, we spend the bulk of our time in the eco-experience building. so many great resources, companies & exhibits, reminding us to focus on the 'green' part of our lives! 

tell us : do you go to your state fair? did you go this year?

Monday, September 8, 2014

day 261 : present at House of Genius

happy monday!
i apologize for the bad // blurry photos! 

last week, i had the opportunity to present at House of Genius! do you know it? you can check it out here to learn more AND to see if there is a branch in your area.

HoG is a really awesome networking // collaborative event. 
a group of people {who can only introduce themselves by first name and CAN'T ask // answer the 'so, what do you do?' question!} get together to help local entrepreneurs // small business owners tackle an issue or problem they are facing in their business.
i was one of three presenters ; when it was my turn, i gave a 5-min power point presentation, talking about my business and highlighting a few things i would like feedback on. 

most BNB subscribers are women & the entire audience were MEN! {there are two HoG volunteers // participants that are female} at first, i was a bit concerned they wouldn't 'get' my business, but seriously, the feedback was by far, some of the best i have received.
i left feeling super inspired and excited to grow my little business!

once we had all presented and given feedback, we went around the room and introduced ourselves & talked about our professions. 
even if you aren't a biz owner, i highly recommend you check HoG out, if its in your area! 

again, i apologize for the bad photos! i took them during intermission & we weren't really suppose to have our phones out! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

day 260 : {currently reading}

one of my absolute favorite things about our neighborhood is that we have a public library about 4 blocks away AND we have over 25 little free libraries within walking distance {i feel like i find new ones each week!}
i am always reading a book or two & always have another couple 'on deck.' we have about 150 books on our bookshelf right now, most of which, i have never read! 

right now, i am reading 'the light between oceans.' have you read it? i was on the waiting list three different times from the library & whenever it was my turn, i was always in the middle of something else. a few weeks ago, i found a copy in a LFL, so i grabbed it. i really, really love it so far! 

after i finish this one, i am moving on to 'the take back of lincoln high.' roseanne cheng was a blog sponsor here for a couple months & is a local author and educator. she was sweet enough to gift me a copy to check out.
next up is 'bikenomics' by elly blue. she was in town last week & i got the opportunity to hear her speak. i was ALSO lucky enough to win a copy of her book!
and after that, 'the story of edgar sawtelle.' blake read this book over a year ago & still considers it one of his faves.

 tell us : what are you reading? 

Friday, September 5, 2014

day 259: kindness carousel {week 23}

this is a good one, folks!
each week, i gather the raddest {and most feelgood-y} links from around the web & share them here!

1) theres still time to plant our seed & paper flower coins! {indoors, of course!} each produces beautiful wildflowers!

2) looking to do something awesome? {of course you are!} this woman is a special needs teacher, with a classroom of 21 students, all on the autism spectrum. she is trying to raise money to purchase a therapy dog for her classroom! so awesome! you can find out more here.

3) my awesome friend vanessa posted about recently turning 30 & the lessons she has learned along the way! 

4) have you read any of these books? ---> 9 books about social justice to read this fall

5) i DO love books! fall is my favorite time to read ; covered in a blanket with the windows open! here is a list of 275 books to add to your 'to-read' list!

6) isn't this scarf beautiful? it was handwoven in india ; noonday has so many beautiful items & all to help make the world a better place!

7) did i share this story already? either way, its worth sharing again!
2,200 animals in north texas were adopted in ONE day! stories like this make my heart SO huge!
8) &have you seen this video yet? oh my gosh, SO beautiful! and awesome! and infectious. i love it!

see you tomorrow! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

day 258 : be the Nice Ride Fairy

lets talk about bikes! 
if you have been around for a while, you *know* how much i love biking. also, how much i love nice ride {our awesome bright green bike sharing program!} 
since blake & i are both members, we are able to insert our key fob into any of the 270+ docks in the city, grab a bike & ride for 60 minutes. 
since there were SO many families out for labor day on monday, we thought it would be fun to leave our bikes at home & ride for a few hours with nice ride! 

the nearest station is about 5 blocks from our place, so we walked over & grabbed our first bike.
i have a few friends who work for nice ride & have a HUGE stack of free 24-hour passes. i thought it would be fun to tape a free pass to each kiosk we stopped at.
for the locals, we started in linden hills, went to the bandshell, twice around lake harriet, over to lake nokomis, once around the lake & then over to minnehaha falls. the docking station was completely full at the falls, so we biked over to the 46th street station to switch out bikes & then turned around to come back home! 
i LOVE biking in the late summer // early fall ; its my favorite time of the year!