Wednesday, February 4, 2015

day 300 : february goals {& a #lessin2015 update}

my word for 2015 is 'less' {you can read all about it here} and one of my big goals for the year is to really slow down & be intentional with my time. so far, one month in, i am feeling great! i think about my 'word' every single day & have been working really hard to focus on the things that keep my energized!

February 2015 goals : 
1) complete 10-15 days of yoga
2) make a payment to blake AND my mom
3) buy our tickets to florida {blake's grandpa is turning 100 & celebrating in orlando}
4) put $$ in our europe travel fund
5) put $$ into savings AND $ in retirement fund
6) read 4-5 books
7) compete 10-12+ blog posts
8) meet 3-4 people for #52coffees
9) plan spring BNB boxes and sell the rest of the winter inventory
10) take a photo a day
11) file my taxes {seriously, every year i file at the last possible moment and its SO stressful! I've learned my lesson!}
12) complete 10-12 other workouts {run//weights//dvds//bike rides}
13) finish my first quilt

and an update on my 10 goals for 2015 {you can read more about them here}
1) pay off my mom & blake! // already paid $350+
2) read 55 books! // completed the first 5 Harry Potter books
3) complete 100 days of yoga // barre! // took 6 classes
4) sew my first quilt! // finished the top of my first quilt
5) visit the new Harry Potter park! // not yet
6) open a retirement fund. // haven't done yet
7) replenish my savings account! // put $100 in
8) start planning // saving for Europe! // put $150 into our travel fund AND decided upon Austria, Hungary, Croatia & Slovenia ; with day trips to Bosnia & Montenegro for our trip!
9) finish #52coffees project! // completed 2 coffee dates
10) take more photos! // took a photo a day 28 days 
not bad for the first month of 2015! 
how are YOU doing on your goals? 

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