Wednesday, February 11, 2015

day 302 : Winter Be Nice Box REVEAL {and TWO discount codes!}

YOU GUYS! the first Winter Boxes started shipping late-Decemeber and I am *just now* getting around to sharing the photos!
{can i be honest and tell you that i feel like there is entirely too much on my plate right now? a full-time job + this biz + a weekend job + a weekly volunteer commitment? i am SO grateful for everything, but i am having a hard time juggling ALL the ball right now!}

anyways, there are still 15 Winter Boxes available!
we are working with some really rad companies this time around {Ten Thousand Villages // Oh, Dip! // Dajon Smiles made our awesome good deed cards again // RISE BRAND // Leafcutter Designs // Equal Exchange}

i want YOU to join us! and i have two great deals to share with you!

1) type in GOWINTER at checkout and save 15% on the Winter Box {there are only 15   boxes left!}
2) type in GETTINGWARMER and save 20% off the 2 Seasons of Kindness Box {thats the Winter + Spring Boxes!} // because of my crazy-bonkers schedule right now, there will ONLY be 25 Spring Boxes available and they will start shipping the first week of March!}

thanks for sticking around, folks! 

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  1. You are a busy girl. My goodness! Sounds like you might need a vacay real soon. :)

    Mandie ~