Monday, February 9, 2015

day 301 : everyday life in photos {weeks 5 & 6}

happy monday, everybody!
I've got two weeks worth of photos below! lots of little life updates, as well!

week 5 {jan 26- feb 1}
this week i : had a mini-meeting + a new #52coffees session // dog sat for three days // subbed two days // took a yoga class at a new-to-me yoga center // spent some time on my bike {totally itching for the day i can switch back to my race bike!} // took a second yoga class {this one was at modo ; my favorite studio in the city!} // bought a new to-do notebook // spent time with my sister + brother-in-law who came up for the luminary loppet // bought 10+ awesome clothing items at a few local thrift stores // finished the 5th Harry Potter

week 6 {feb 2- feb 8}
this week : i signed up for a 7-day free trail at yoga fit {its a new 'snap fitness'-style of yoga studio that opened two blocks from my house} // took two yoga classes + a barre class // called my grandma // posted a bunch of photos on instagram {you can follow me here} // participated in the prana #takealeap yoga challenge // subbed three days // started reading a bunch of travel books & narrowing down our travel plans for Europe in 2016 // finished both the 6th & 7th Harry Potter {so sad to have finished the entire series again! i just love those books SO much!} // booked our flight to Florida // and YOU GUYS! i got a full-time job! 

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  1. Do you have any idea how cool you are?! If not, let me tell ya - you are one of the coolest chicks I know. Stay cool, girlie! :)

    Mandie ~