about me & the project

i really am so happy you are here!

who am i?
and what is this project about?

well, my name is diana. i live in minneapolis with my cute partner blake & our naughty rescue pup, daphne.

i like a lot of things. hiking. camping. talking to strangers. eating pancakes for supper [chocolate chip, duh]. hot yoga. recycling. making smoothies for breakfast. and watching old 90s sitcoms on netflix.
we also spend a lot of time riding bikes. watching baseball games. and checking out new books at the library.

so, what is this whole thing? 
have you ever heard of 'minnesota nice?' its a phrase that is used to describe the people of minnesota. people say that we are pretty friendly around here. always willing to help out. helping to carry your groceries in. if you have a flat tire. if you need directions. or are a buck short when paying for your coffee.

ive always thought of myself as a pretty nice person. i have my family to thank for that. you know the people that 'will give you the shirt off their back?' thats them.

when the boston bombings happened in april, i thought 'the good will always outshine the bad.' and 'how can i be better in the wake of terror and fear?'
so, i wrote this post on my other blog. 26.2 simple acts of kindness to honor the victims [and their families] in boston.
as i was writing the post, i thought 'gosh, we should be doing these things each & every day.'
and here it is.
'a year of minnesota nice' will be my space to share a random act of kindness, each day, for a year.
i will carry out a new act each day, document it & post it on the blog.

you can see my full list of acts i want to accomplish here.
also, im always looking for more!

in the end, this project isnt just about me. i want to show people that being kind and paying it forward is easy. and it only takes a minute. you dont need to donate hundreds of dollars to make the world a better place.
a simple compliment, a free coffee and donating a few art supplies to a school ; those are the things that make this planet better.

id love to stay connected!
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