Wednesday, January 21, 2015

day 297 : everyday life in photos {weeks 1, 2 & 3}

oh, you guys!
i have been wanting to blog for WEEKS ; but i just haven't made time for it! anyways, HERE I AM!
one of my goals for the year, is to take at least one photo every day. i am making an effort NOT to post every picture on instagram {because, hello, its okay not to share EVERYTHING on social media!} ; but i do want to share a weekly recap, along with things i have done, to help me remember and document the little things.
since i haven't blogged for the last few weeks, i am doing three weeks worth of photos now, but will {hopefully} be more consistent in the future!

week 1 {jan 1-3}
this week : took 1 yoga  class // started and finished HP {& the sorcerers stone} // watched ALL of season 5 of 'its always sunny in philadelphia' // put aside $130 into our 'travel to europe fund'

{one of my 2015 goals is to complete 100 days of yoga. to help me remember {and document}, i plan on taking a photo with EACH instructor after class}

week 2 {jan 4-10}
this week : we had a few days of -25* wind chill // finished HP 2&3 {the chamber of secrets AND prisoner of azkaban} // completed two turbofire workouts // subbed 3 days // wore my brand new white snow pants every day // i super-purged my closet {i donated about 20 pieces!} // spent a TON of time researching our europe trip! // since it was SO cold this week, i decided against biking to work and spent a lot of time waiting for buses {and avoiding the winds} in bus shelters

week 3 {jan 11-17}
this week : only subbed two days // finished HP {the goblet of fire} // made power cookies {i will post the recipe soon!} // went to a train museum for blake's holiday party // picked out fabric for two quilts {another 2015 goal is to sew my first quilt!} // took one yoga class // re-joined crunch live {my favorite way to workout at home} // had supper with a friend from out of town // walked around the lake with another friend {and counted it as #5 for #52coffees // volunteered at the kite festival

yikes! so many photos in one post!
i seriously have about 25 blog posts i really want to get up! fingers crossed ;)

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  1. Love it!! Random you always donate your clothes? Or do you attempt to resell them to earn a little extra change? I usually donate but I'm wondering if I'm losing out on 5-15 dollars each time versus selling them to platos or similar stores.