Monday, January 26, 2015

day 298 : everyday life in photos {week 4}

another week of documenting the small moments that make up my days! 
i am loving the idea of jotting down the little things that i want to remember!

week 4 {january 18-25}
this week : subbed 4 days {and biked 10+ miles for three of them} // completed 1 yoga class // sent my mom a payment towards what i owe her // wore my new rise t-shirt {grab one here} // took photos of the winter box // started my very first quilt AND completed the top {i am so proud of how it turned out!} // reserved another 14 travel books from the library {we have narrowed our trip down to 4 countries, with three one-day tours to neighboring countries!}  // watched Aladdin for the first time since Robin Williams passed away {you guys, it was emotional!} // started adding Nuun tablets to my water after every workout {totally loving them!} // almost finished Harry Potter {&the Order of the Phoenix} // took the bus home on friday & got to stand outside in the SUNSHINE! 

 all three of my bike rides this week ended at night ; each night i got to ride around the lake in the dark!


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