Monday, June 10, 2013

day 37 : report a fire to 911

late last night [1030pm], we were taking daphne out for her 'bedtime stroll.' we live a couple blocks away from a high school & its usually part of our daily route. 
as we were approaching the block, we could hear the fire alarms going on & the lights on the middle floor were flashing every couple of seconds. 

we assumed that the fire alarm directly connected to the police station ; but in a case of fires // kids // accidents, i never want to be the person that assumes someone already took action.
so, i called 911 to report the alarm. we didnt smell // see smoke, but the alarms were going like crazy.
the dispatcher said they knew about it & someone had already called in.

we stayed around the area for another 5-6 minutes & saw two cop cars & two fire trucks show up. 
in the end, i dont know if it was a false alarm, or if it was something real ; but we left to allow them to do their jobs.

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