Monday, June 17, 2013

day 43 : gift wrap a package for a stranger

[note : these photos arent good because i was trying to 'sneak attack' them!]

happy monday!
i have 2 jobs, did you know?
a few times a month, i work at a super-cute handmade shop in a nearby neighborhood! we carry tons of local stuff & its all handmade.
the neighborhood is great, too! 

when i work on the weekends, blake will bring daphne & come hang out for an hour or so. its so great for daphne to see, smell & interact with random people.
yesterday, i was working & this guy came in. he had a shopping bag FULL of gear he just bought his brother at the running store across the street. 
he asked if i would gift wrap it for him. he offered to pay & i accepted. [note : we dont offer to gift wrap packages from other shops]
as i was working, he was so great to daphne. [daphne is part pit & i love when people give her a chance!]

i finally finished his package & he pulled out his wallet. i told him the wrapping was on me ; but under one condition! his job was to go out of his way & be really great to a stranger.
he accepted, gave daphne one more pat & went on his way.

i will be honest, when he offered to pay, i was totally going to accept his payment. but, as i was wrapping, i thought it would be such a fun way to pay it forward & brighten his day.

and ps : [greta, if you are reading this ; dont fire me ;)]

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