Friday, June 21, 2013

day 47 : share an awesome documentary

day 47!
[woo hoo!]
ps : i have been trying to post this for OVER 2 hours. we just had a nasty storm & the internet // power has been a total booger.

lets talk about documentaries!
do you watch them?
i love them. we have netflix JUST for the docs. also, on our weekly library visits, i always load up with ones i cant find online.

tonight, we finally got around to watching 'my life as a turkey.' have you heard of it? if you love public television, nature or the wonder of wild animals, this is for you!

its a 50 minute doc about a man who imprinted on 16 turkey eggs and was their 'mother hen' for almost 2 years. the storytelling is beautiful and the images are breathtaking.
you can watch it on PBS here.

turkeys get the rep of being a 'big dumb bird' ; but gosh, to hear how incredibly intelligent they are was SO cool.

i highly recommend taking an hour to marvel at the beauty of nature and the animals that are a part of it!

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