Wednesday, June 26, 2013

day 51 : donate to charity, buy a nice gift AND support a start-up company

yep, all three of those things happened today.
yesterday, i posted that we were thisclose to finding emma a fur-ever home. [read it here]
well, it happened! the family that took her home for a 'trial' slumber party last night, totally fell in love with her.
yay x1,000,000! 
the papers were officially signed today and emma now has a rad family that will love her each & every day. [she totally deserves it!]

as a 'thank you for saving this pups life' gift, i headed over to help ink [they are AMAZING, btw!] & bought them this card.

[we have this in a large print ; i think its so special]
the cool thing about help ink, is that for every $5 you spend, $1 goes to the charity of your choice!
[i purchased a 5-pack of cards, and i chose to plant 3 trees with my donation]

so today, emma joined her forever family, i supported a rad start-up business AND planted a few trees.
not bad for a wednesday!

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