Monday, June 24, 2013

day 49 // mission : fortify [also known as, support an awesome eatery]

you guys, this one is so fun! 
if you live in the twin cities, i would love to see you get involved in this!
there is a food bloggers group here called fortify: a food community [you can join on facebook here]. 
lynne [the same awesome woman that connected us to our rescue pup emma!] started a new group // project // blog called mission : fortify! 
the idea is to pick one locally owned restaurant, each month & plan to support them.
its that simple. they post the restaurant on the blog, pick the date [it will be a random 'off' day] and whenever you can during that day, you stop in and support them.

tonight was the first 'mission.' blake & i dont go out to eat super often, but supporting local is super important to us.
the restaurant : sun street breads
we ordered two pizzas [we each ordered the veggie] & blake went to pick them up.
the pizzas had goat cheese, greens, sweet potatoes & roasted pine nuts.
SO good.
when blake went in, he was talking to the cashier & she said that they had been packed all day.
one thing about living in a huge city ; you have so many options. which is great. but, it can also mean we get into a rut. you pass by a cafe // shop // ect each & every day and think 'oh, someday, i will go in there.' but, heres the thing ; if YOU dont support local, those businesses cant survive. 
so, bravo to lynne for creating a community to help support local eateries!

if you choose to join, let me know! 

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