Saturday, June 22, 2013

day 48 : support local farmers

this one is super easy. [both for me & for YOU!]
now that its [kinda] summer here [well, its either really hot or pouring rain...] we are able to go to tons of farmers markets. we are super lucky ; there are 2 markets within walking distance & 3 more we can bike to in less than 30 minutes. both saturdays and sundays, we hit up the markets to stock up for the week. [we are also CSA members ; so we have fresh food *all the time*]
today, we took both dogs down to the market [dogs arent allowed, but they offer free doggy daycare while you are shopping!] & stocked up.
these past few weeks have been super hard for the farmers. we didnt get rid of the snow til MAY & this month there has been way too much rain. its been a slow, rough spring // summer for the farmers. when we are there, we try our best to support lots of different vendors.

this morning, we bought a loaf of bread, 2 pastries, a jar of homemade salsa, a bunch of BEAUTIFUL flowers and a pound of strawberries. [we already have POUNDS of greens in our fridge from our CSA pick-up this week.]
we already ate the entire loaf of bread [seriously, so good!] & the pastries are always a fun brunch treat. i separated the flowers, so there are some in each room. and once i finish my workout tonight, i will dig in to the strawberries.

farmers markets are one of my favorite things on the planet. they are so important ; they support the ecosystem, local farmers and they keep money IN our local economy. and also, the more people that purchase local & organic foods, the more affordable they will become.

see you tomorrow! 


  1. Hey Diana, which farmer's market offers doggie daycare?

    1. tiff! it was the fulton farmers market at 49th & chowen.
      this weekend and next weekend they WONT have the daycare, but after that, they will offer it for the rest of the summer!