Friday, June 14, 2013

day 41 : share // hand out my *new* business cards

ahh! you guys!
i have been attempting to unplug quite a bit & really be a part of 'real' life. and its been great.
but, unplugging has meant neglecting BOTH of my blogs, emails & social media.
its hard to run an online movement, when you turn off the computer. 

anyways : i am really pumped to share my brand new business cards! 
i already have business cards for my [now closed] etsy shop & my other blog ; but i wanted something that was just for this blog // kindness movement.

i also knew that i didnt want 'traditional' cards. after tons of research & creative mock-ups, i chose to go with this amazing company.
what makes them so rad?!
they are plantable!!
thats right! SO, after you come to the website [&follow me on twitter & facebook ;)] ; you can tuck the card into the ground & grow wildflowers!!
i love this idea.
i have hundreds of business cards from others at home. and usually, they just sit there. that, or people throw them away.
this way, once you are done with the card, you plant it in the ground.
the card biodegrades [yay, no waste!] & who doesnt love flowers?!
you can plant them at home, give them to a neighbor // friend // stranger OR plant them in a vacant lot to add some color!

so, here is the deal!
i would love to send YOU a couple cards!
a couple for you to giveaway [&spread the movement!] & one for you to plant [you can keep it or pass it on!]
are you interested?!
the first 10 people that leave a comment // send me an email [dianapantz at gmail] will receive some cards.

flowers make this world better. they cheer people up. make the landscape more beautiful. and are good for the planet!


  1. And they do wedding invites too! Cool to know!

  2. I would love some of these, what a great idea. I might have to get some to promote my photography.. I just really love the idea, so creative!

    Please send me some!