Wednesday, June 19, 2013

day 45 : be a good biker

this one is hard to take photos of because i avoid using my phone while biking ; so all of these photos are ones that have taken while stopped ;)

biking is a huge part of my life. i bike most days of the year [this winter was actually pretty difficult cuz it was so icy // nasty for a million weeks] & i love it. i really do. without a doubt, biking has changed my life.
and living in portland & minneapolis [the top two biking cities in the US] ; i have learned a ton!
we all know // have seen those bikers ; the ones that ride at night without lights, that run stop lights & blow through 4-way stops. the bikes that have no respect for anybody else & make everything a bit more dangerous.

see, i am NOT that biker. i have a 'top of the line' helmet [which i love, btw], have lights on my spokes and always carry 4 backlights with me. i also have 2 front lights.
i always slow way down at stop signs [i do a rolling stop if there are NO cars within sight. if there IS a car anywhere within a 3-5 block radius, i follow the rules of the road]. i ALWAYS stop at stop lights and make myself super predictable on the road [eye contact, signaling my turn, thanking drivers for seeing // respecting me].

i love biking & the culture that comes with it. but it kills me when i see bikes NOT following the same rules they are demanding from cars.

so for today, i will be a good biker. i will thank drivers. greet others that i see on the trails [dogs, runners, bikers, walkers]. i will be extra cautious of my surroundings & will set a good example for bikers in this city!

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