Wednesday, June 12, 2013

days 38, 39, 40 ; that time i fell behind // cookbooks, volunteers & the thriftstore

hi everybody!
i have continued to do my daily act, but havent been very good at getting them down on 'screen' [remember when we use to say 'paper'?!]
here is a small recap of the last 3 acts :

monday, day 38 : gift a cookbook i am no longer using
we have tons of cookbooks in our house. all are 'local // minnesota // vegan // raw'- themed & we dont use them as much as we should. blake does most of the cooking & hes the type that sees an ingredient & *boom* has created a new recipe.
this weekend, i gifted my sister this vegan cookbook. the writing is great & we have enjoyed quite a few of the recipes inside.
even if you still eat meat, vegan cookbooks are a great way of expanding your kitchen horizons!

tuesday, day 39 : purge a room & donate everything to a secondhand shop
[see also : why in the world didnt i take photos of this?!?]
a few weeks ago, i spent 8 hours [!] cleaning // organizing // rearranging the craft room [the spare room in our apartment]. i ended up with 5 HUGE bags // boxes of yarn, buttons, fabrics & other crafty supplies.
my original plan was to donate it to a school, but the year just ended & i really wanted everything out of that space ; so, to the thrift shop it went.
feels good to have a cleaner space & to know that my items will find a new home. [and that the proceeds of the shop help employ people in my community!]

today, wednesday, day 40 : thank a volunteer for breakfast
this week is 'bike walk week' here in the cities ; there are awesome events // rides happening all over the city.
my goal is to bike to work all 5 days this week.
this morning [we are leaving in 20 minutes], the mayor & some great organizations are handing out free breakfast to any biker // walker that stops by. its at our very favorite bike shop & also quite a bit out of the way from work BUT if businesses want to support bikes, i want to say thanks!
[i will post photos once i get to work]
you can read more about the event here.

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  1. I've been wanting to get The Kind Diet forever, I'm hoping that its old enough now to find at a garage sale or something!

    I have this problem of sorting things out to be donated and them becoming a pile in the hallway instead of actually being donated. Smart move to donate them to the thrift store instead of keeping them around until the new school year starts!