Tuesday, June 25, 2013

day 50 : find emma a home [almost, positively, so close, 99.9%]

hey everybody!
last week, blake & i saved emma from doggy death row [you can read her story here]. she has a bit of weight to lose before the rescue officially puts her up for adoption ; but we really wanted to do our part to help her find her family.
she and daphne are s.l.o.w.l.y becoming 'we can tolerate each other in the same room' buds ; but we would love for both of them to exist in a space where neither of them are stressed or worrying about the other.

blake put some feelers out to some folks that he works with and A FAMILY CAME TO HANG OUT WITH HER TODAY! they already have a couple small dogs & are looking to add another pup to their pack. they LOVED emma. and emma loved them. and actually, she went home with them tonight for a 'practice sleep over.'
IF it goes well & they totally fall for her, paperwork will be filed and they will have a new pup in their forever family.
yay yay yay.
paws crossed that this works!
she is such a sweet dog & we really want her to live the rest of her years with a family that will love her each and every minute. she deserves it! 
today, i brought my nanny toddler over to my place for the day and she & emma shared nap time.
i love it!

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