Sunday, May 19, 2013

day 16 & 17 : volunteer at the farmers market & support the public library

happy sunday! i hope you have had a good weekend. 
i had the weekend off [woo hoo!] and went garage sale-ing, volunteering, to our neighborhood festival & book shopping!

day 16 : 
yesterday, i had the chance to volunteer with our csa, bossy acres at the farmers market. it was so much fun! it was pouring rain [i rode my bike 7 miles in the rain!] & was a bit slow in the beginning ; but i met a lot of people, learned a bunch about micro-greens & bought kimchi for the first time! [it was really good, btw!]

this is my 4th year being a member of a csa [a different one each time] & it was really cool to be able to volunteer and hang out with my farmer. i love being connected to the people that are providing us with fresh, awesome, organic veggies.

day 17 : 
today, our little neighborhood had their annual festival. there is food, mini-donuts [does that count as food?], a silent auction, local artists // vendors & a used book sale that benefits the library.
each year, the library pulls old books & people in the neighborhood donate theirs & all the money raised goes directly to the library for funding, programming, ect.

two years ago, we volunteered at the sale, but today, we spent an hour shopping. i bought 2 books for myself & 8 childrens books. i will give them all away during another 'mn nice' act.
blake & i have both worked with kids for a million years, so we are both super picky when it comes to kids books. we love strong story lines and beautiful illustrations. im excited to share the books i bought.

see you tomorrow!

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