Monday, May 13, 2013

day 11 : donate a book to a little free library

i love little free libraries.
on day 2, i left a 'take a smile' page at one & today, i went to donate a book.
these libraries are awesome. we have 10 of them within walking distance & many, many more around the city. i found this awesome map of all the little free libraries around the country!

and, check out this pinboard FULL of the coolest libraries ever built. [the creativity is ridiculous!]
today, i donated a book that i was finished with. i dropped it off on my way to work.

if you dont have a little free library in your neighborhood, consider donating a book to your local library [ours collects used books to sell at their annual book sale to benefit the library].


  1. Wanna hear something funny! I was running today and ran by this EXACT location and saw Just Food and thought, "that looks like a good book...maybe I'll grab it later" and kept running. Cause nobody wants to run while carrying a book!

  2. I just love the idea of a free library! This is so cute!

    1. amber, do you have any near you?
      i just discovered 3 more within walking distance of our place ; so fun!