Friday, May 31, 2013

day 29 : take blake on a surprise date

day 29 ; so fun.
want to see my top 10 acts of awesome from this project, so far?!
check them out here.

tonight, i am taking blake out for a surprise date.
for valentines day, i purchased two spots in a pottery class & its *finally* here!
we will be biking there [about 15 miles round-trip] & then spend 3 hours creating something awesome out of clay.

blake use to work at a clay studio & i dont have much experience ; but i thought it would be super fun!
i would really love to make a planter for my orchid. its still in the plastic pot from the greenhouse & i have some super-cute ideas swirling around.

see you tomorrow!
edit : this class was awesome! i had tons of fun. it was something that was challenging for me & i would love to do it again. blake made a dog bowl for daphne + 2 other small bowls. i made a planter for my orchid + another small pot [maybe for my mini-poinsetta?]

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