Tuesday, May 7, 2013

day 6 : fill a washer // dryer with quarters

in the past couple of days, i have gotten a few texts // emails // tweets from people saying 'oh, i did _____ for someone' & 'i made sure to say ______ to my bus driver.'
i think its all really awesome.
the main goal of this project is to show that it is SO easy to be kind to one another. it take seconds to practice a good deed. 

our apartment is right across the hall from the laundry room. in our building, we have 3 floors & 4 apartments on each floor. also, the building across the way uses our laundry room as well. [they dont have their own]. so, there is quite a bit of 'clothes-washing' traffic.
if you remember living in the dorms // apartment, you will remember that doing laundry is expensive. and a pain in the butt [most machines are old & dont always do the best job].

so, today, i taped some quarters to the machines, with a little note ; hoping to making someones next load a bit easier.

 super easy. it took 20 seconds. and only cost $1.25.

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