Tuesday, May 28, 2013

day 25 : create a gift basket for a silent auction benefit

happy tuesday!
a quick thank you to YOU for coming to this little blog. each day, my views are ticking higher & higher! if you have retweeted, left a comment, read a single post or told a couple friends ; i really, really appreciate it!

last week, two boys [9- and 10-years old] were killed in a mudslide on a school field trip. two other boys were trapped & had to be rescued. its been a sad & heartbreaking story to follow.

the schools PTO has been organizing a silent auction [it will be an online nationwide auction] to help benefit the kids, families & classmates that have been affected.

this weekend, i put together a doggy gift basket & dropped it off yesterday.
i put in two bags of treats, 4 rolls of biodegradable poop bags, a handmade wool chew toy & an apple-flavored z-bone [its like a dental chew for pups. i purchased the basket at a second-hand store [75 cents!] & shredded an old edition of the sunday newspaper for filling.

if you want to help, you have til the end of today to drop off a gift basket OR bidding begins this weekend. [i will post the auction address when everything is up & ready]. 
somebody [with 4 legs] was dreaming of her own gift basket all weekend ;)

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