Saturday, May 25, 2013

day 21 : take the longer bike route home

days like these are my favorite!
not sure where you are ; but we still havent seen spring here in minneapolis. its been rainy, chilly & foggy ; but mild days like these make me so thankful i can be on my bike.

i bike most days of the week & go about 10 miles round-trip on the weekdays to work & back. when i come home in the evenings, i can take an extra loop & go a few more miles.

i am convinced that biking has made me a better human. i am more kind, more patient & feel 'lighter' in my life. 
so, biking is my act of kindness for the day. better for the planet, my body, my brain & the people i connect with.

tell me : do you bike? 

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