Tuesday, May 14, 2013

day 12 : write my local representative and say thanks

disclaimer : this one is about same-sex marriage*
so, i am not interested in making political // religious statements with this blog because being good to others shouldnt have anything to do with how you vote & what you do on sundays.
BUT, if you have been following the news, minnesota became the 12th state in the country to legalize gay marriage yesterday!
[i totally have goosebumps typing that out]
i have friends and family that are in committed same-sex relationships. some have them have gotten married. some are still waiting. 
one of the reasons blake & i havent gotten married is because we believe that its a right that every single person deserves. there is no reason that our relationship should have more value simply because we are in a man//women partnership.

today, i wanted to send frank hornstein an email. he is the state rep in our district. he voted to legalize same-sex marriage & i wanted to thank him. blake & i both voted for him & he helped our state make history.
if you live in minnesota & want to see how your state rep voted, click here & type in your address.

again, i know that not everybody believes what i do. and if you dont believe in gay marriage, that is your choice. regardless, please dont leave hurtful comments. this is not a place for anger & malice. and also, i will delete them. if you want to have a civil discussion about marriage rights, feel free to email me.


  1. I wrote to my senator also. Both before and after the vote. It feels good to have your voice heard. And my senator actually wrote back!