Saturday, May 11, 2013

day 9 : help stamp out hunger!

this one is so easy! really.
head to your cupboard, grab a bag of pasta, some canned fruit and you are good.
today is 'national stamp out hunger day.'
every postal worker in the country has you covered.
put your food in a plastic bag and place it out by your mail box and they will take care of the rest. it will be donated to local food shelves around your area.

this morning, we bagged up a couple cans of pears, some kale chips, soup & sunflower seeds.
and even if your mail has already been delivered today ; you can always take some food to a local food bank. [especially now that school is almost out & kids wont be getting school lunch ; families need your help!]

also, for those of you that use twitter, any time you complete an act of kindness, tag it with #mnnice365 so we can all find it!

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