Friday, May 17, 2013

day 15 : take the high road

i dont have any photos for this one ; but its a good life lesson, regardless.
today, i had someone that was heckling & questioning my motives for this project.
it went on for about an hour & it was just silly.

i am not doing this project so people think 'wow, diana is such a good person. she is saving the whole planet. when i grow up, i want to be her.' '[and own all of her yoga pants...]'
i am doing this project because there are bullies in this world & people that want to bring others down. this project is important to me, because i want to show others that you CAN do this. you can be nice to others. you can take $5 and 3 minutes out of your day to make it better for others.
this project isnt about me. its about encouraging others to be better & shine brighter.

today, i was feeling a bit bullied & targeted [related : i dont have very thick skin]. and i REFUSED to pick a fight // let anger win. i stood up for myself WITHOUT name calling & being a jerk.

this happens to all of us. a snide comment. someone that is rude to us. a mean blog comment. a middle finger on the interstate. 
its not the easiest thing ; but taking the high road ALWAYS makes you a better human!

also, i am SO pumped to announce my first ever 'kindness flash mob' event. either today or tomorrow. really, my heart is feeling huge!!


  1. Thanks for this. I needed this today. Had a similar thing happen earlier this week and I chose the high road.


  2. Diana, that is just plain silly that someone was questioning your motives over making simple gestures of kindness to others. I think this project is such a great idea, and I applaud you for doing it. Also, even if it does make you feel GOOD to help other people, all the more reason that all of us should make a conscious effort every day to be thoughtful to our fellow humans. It feels good to them, and it feels good to us! Being nice to other people is a win/win! :)

    1. you are awesome! thanks so much for the comment ;)