Saturday, May 25, 2013

day 23 : buy a bark box & help animal rescue

happy saturday! 
this is my third post for today [i didnt post ON thursday or friday] & if you are a dog-lover [or know someone who is] ; this one is for you!

last july, blake & i rescued daphne, the naughtiest pup on the planet. she has mellowed out quite a bit ; but to say shes a handful is still an understatement.

she leads a pretty good life [she loves organic coconut oil & enjoys doggy daycare a few times a week].
for the past 6 months, she has been getting a barkbox each month.

barkbox is a monthly subscription for your DOG! each month, your pup receive a combo of treats, toys & other goodies.
[if you want to read a few of our reviews, go here, here and here]

for the next week, one of our local rescues has partnered with barkbox to make the world better.

the deal :
you pay $19 for ONE month of barkbox.
secondhand hounds [the rescue] receives $10.
if 500 people redeem this deal, the rescue will receive OVER $12,000!!
think of all the animals they can save with that much money!

if you are interested, head over here & type in 2NDHBBX1 in the coupon code box!

bringing daphne into our family has been one of the most amazing things i have ever done in my entire life. it breaks my heart to think of all the wonderful dogs that are still looking for families.

daphne says thanks for helping her 4-legged friends!!

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