Thursday, May 2, 2013

day 1 : write a letter to my grandma

you guys!
thanks so much for checking out the site yesterday ; i really appreciate it.
this new little blog got tons of views & social media love.
my goal is to get everybody involved ; small acts make the big things happen!

i figured that since this is day 1 ; i should make it a good one.
so, i wrote a letter to my grandma!
her & i have always been super close. i call her about once a week & we still write letters.
she writes more than i do. i know she enjoys getting a surprise phone call ; but i thought a letter would be fun!
it took a few minutes & i know it will mean a lot to her.
also, with too many jobs // things going on ; i dont see my family as much as id like. so, being able to tell her how important she is ; means a lot to me.

who did you write a letter to today?

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