Monday, May 20, 2013

day 18 : buy a new book for a toddler

this is so fun!

yesterday, we bought some books at the used book sale benefiting our local library. the little girl i nanny for is 14 months and is in LOVE with books. she loves books with bright colors, and is getting really great with paper pages.

also, her dad is a musician and her parents have done such an awesome job exposing her to 'real' music.  we can play classical, opera, jazz, pop-punk [she loves fall out boy!] or r&b and she will clap, bounce around & tap her foot.

i think books are the best gift you can give a child, so i knew right away this would be a fun book for her & her family.

the pictures are gorgeous & the fonts are great.
if you are looking for a new book for your family ; this one is amazing!

do you have a favorite childrens book? id love to add it to my list!

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