Tuesday, May 21, 2013

day 19 : help tornado victims in moore, oklahoma

hi everybody!
by now you have heard about the horrible tornado in oklahoma.
when i was a kid, i was a few miles away from a really destructive tornado that really made a mess of a small town. i remember hearing the rain, hail, wind & seeing the downed trees ; not yet comprehending what had happened a couple miles away.

obviously, that was nothing compared to what thousands of families are feeling right now ; but my heart [yours too, right?] is sick over what everybody is going through down there.

today, i am choosing to donate to the oklahoma food bank to help aid in disaster relief. 

we all have $10 [thats just a couple drinks at starbucks, right?].
here is a great post of all the ways you can help in moore, oklahoma.
you can give to the american red cross here.
if you find other ways to help // memorial funds ; please leave them in the comments or send me an email & i will edit this post.

keep oklahoma in your thoughts today!

52 weeks of kindness


  1. I just found your blog today and think what you are doing is WONDERFUL!!!! I am going to try some of your ideas with my kids during summer break...thank you for being such and inspiration!

    1. you are awesome! i am so excited to follow your family's journey over the summer!
      be sure to come back & share!

  2. i am donating all my sponsor money for june to one of the oklahoma efforts. so thanks for the links! i'm going to read up and find out which one would be best for whatever amount i have to donate.

    1. this is why i like you ; i love that you are donating sponsor funds to help out the folks in oklahoma!