Friday, May 3, 2013

day 2 : make a 'take a smile' page

day 2!
yesterday, i had 4 different people tell me that they wrote letters to their grandmas.
i know that four isnt a massive number ; but thats a few awesome grandmas who will know how much they are loved.

this one is really fun!
i remember seeing something like this when i was living in portland & thought it would be rad to pass it on.
i have today off of work [yay x2], so daphne & i walked around the neighborhood to hang it up.
[ps : its snowing right now!]
i chose to tape it up inside a little free library*

*a little free library is just that. its a small, wooden library that anybody can build ; a homeowner or business. once its built & designed how you want it, you place books in there. 'take a book, leave a book.' we live in a super rad neighborhood & actually have about 10 of them within walking distance.

you could hang a sign like this in a coffee shop, a grocery store, a dorm hallway, a library, your office break room, the locker room at the gym  ; anywhere, really.

and i have had a few people ask how to follow this blog [i disabled the google 'followers' button]
you can follow me on bloglovin' [thats what i use to follow blogs!] or on facebook.

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