Sunday, May 5, 2013

day 4 : donate to a kickstarter campaign

happy sunday!
do you use kickstarter?
is a crowd funding platform. people create awesome projects & they ask for money. you donate money. and you get a part of the project. [example : we donated $50 to a local honey producer & got 3 pints of raw honey]
each month, we donate to at least one project. anything from community gardens to music projects. [i backed a project, where a composer plays the entire nutcracker soundtrack on the marimba. it will be a *surprise* birthday gift for blake!]

my first job out of college was as a behavior therapist at an autism school. i did it for a few years, and the subject of autism still holds a really dear place in my heart.

we found this project on kickstarter & just *had* to support it.
they are asking for a LOT of money & are still pretty far away from their goal.
if you have $5, this is a really great project.
if you pledge $25, you will get a digital copy of the documentary.
but hurry, the project ends in a couple of days.
even if you cant donate, click here & pass it along to a couple of your friends!

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