Monday, May 6, 2013

day 5 : send an email to a company that is doing great things

happy monday!
today, i wanted to send an email to an awesome company.
i started making a list of companies we support & felt so proud to see how many companies are ethical, affordable & do their part to give back.
i decided to email lush. i first discovered them when i was living in europe in 2006.
i have use a few products off & on ; but a few months ago, they opened a store a few blocks from our place & most of our bathroom products come from their shop.
i love that they are dog friendly [since we are close by, i always have daphne with me] & invite her in to the shop. they give her treats & keep a bowl of water out front.
i also love that their products are natural, most are vegan & they do quite a bit for charity.
on top of all of those things, i have never had a poor customer service experience.

so, i sent them an email. it only took a few minutes & was super easy.
i feel like a lot of customers will rant & rave when they have a poor experience, but dont often come out and say 'wow, thanks so much. that was really great.'
i hope, that whoever read my email today, thinks 'nice. we are doing things right!'

i encourage you to reach out to your favorite company & tell them they are awesome!

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