Sunday, May 26, 2013

day 24 : give someone a free nice ride

i know i say this all the time ; but this is one of my favorites!
you know we love biking, right? we bike most days of the week ; all year round.
this year, our winter was 9 months long & we still havent settled into spring ; but we are still on our bikes as much as we can.

three years ago, 'nice ride' began in minneapolis. do you know it? its one of the first & largest bike sharing programs in the us. you pay $6 & get to rent a bike all day. [you can buy a year pass, too]. there are stations set up all over the cities [st paul, too] ; so every 30 minutes, you dock the bike, get a new one & keep riding.
you can ride for hours & explore so much of the city [you just have to be sure to dock each half hour]
i follow nice ride on twitter & they have been talking about opening 24 new stations this weekend.
we are so pumped that TWO of the stations are within walking distance! [for the locals : one is at the bakken & calhoun, the second is at the harriet bandshell]

since we have our own bikes, we dont use the nice ride bikes super often ; but they have become a staple to the cities & as bikers, we love what they are doing for bike culture.
i was gifted a free 24-hour pass & thought it would be fun to pass it along.

i wrote a little note & placed it [and the pass] in an envelope. we walked down to the new station & taped the envelope to the meter.
i really hope someone found the pass & can take some time to explore the awesome space we live in!

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  1. I live one block off of Lake Harriet! We must be kind of neighbors!