Saturday, May 25, 2013

day 22 : buy a surprise gift for someone that did something awesome for me

okay, okay!
this one is kind of a secret...
so, at the end of the summer, i am changing careers. after 13 years of working with kids ; i will be shifting my focus and moving on.
a few days ago, blake [who is also changing careers] found my dream job!

i reached out on facebook to see if anybody could help me revise // edit // give advice on my resume & cover letter.
two friends of mine stepped up & helped me create some really, really great content. i was so impressed & grateful that they offered to help. [because lets be honest ; reading a resume isnt the most exciting way to spend a night...]

as a thank you ; i decided to grab a couple of really rad handmade items.
[since they both know this blog exists ; i wont be posting individual photos ; but if you want to know certain artists, leave a comment // email & ill help you out!]
[also, if you are local, all these gifts are from paper hat]

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