Wednesday, May 1, 2013

looks like a good day to begin : a year of minnesota nice

may 1st. 
a new month. a new season [well, its suppose to be spring, but we are getting more snow tonight...] and a drive to make this planet better.

last month, when the boston bombings happened ; i was so bummed. such a sad act of hate & terror.
im not a big fan of 'mean' ; i dont like it. i try to avoid gossip & saying really hurtful things about people.
im human ; so it gets the best of me, but overall, i try really hard to live a life of simplicity & kindness.

after the bombings, i wrote this post & was shocked at the thousands of views it got. i put together a list of 26 ways to spread kindness in honor of the boston victims.
as a [very casual] runner ; i felt like my friends // tribe were attacked that day. instead of focusing on the guys that caused the hurt, i thought it would be best to think of ways to bring peace & kindness.

the more views my post got, the more i kept thinking that i could do more. we could all do more.
when tragedies happen [school shootings, 9/11, ect] people seem to band together for a few days [i will hug my kids tighter, try to stop yelling, take more time for myself] ; but then life happens & we are back to thinking about ourselves & living life at 110mph.
instead of 26 acts of kindness, why not create a list of 365 ideas? one for each day of the year. [because, while i want to honor the victims of the bombing, events like this happen each & every day all over the world!]

so, i started creating a list. asking my family & friends to give me some ideas [lets be honest ; 365 is a big number!].
and this blog is what i came up with.
starting tomorrow, i will start practicing one simple act of kindness, every single day, for the next 365 days.
each day, i will pick something from my list. take photos. document it. and share.
you can see my list here. and if you have more ideas, please share!

my ultimate goal is to encourage & inspire folks from all over the country [world?] to practice simple acts to make this planet better.
i plan on asking local businesses, politicians, strangers & local media to become more involved with acts of kindness.
also, as this project gains speed [fingers crossed] ; i plan on hosting a 'kindness flash mob' each month, where i will encourage people to complete one set task [bring a flower to a hospital, hand out a gift card in the parking lot, ect] on a designated day. that way, we are all spreading cheer to people all over the country!

are you in? 
id love to have you follow along [and spread some goodness!].
feel free to follow me on twitter & facebook [my page is getting a facelift, as we speak!]
also, follow me on bloglovin', so youll never miss a post!

we all live here, together. lets make it count!

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  1. Hey Diana!! This is awesome! Go you!! I have a list of acts of kindness I've done here: Maybe you can find some useful ideas. Also there are some links to some other 365 projects, which I always find a good source for ideas :) I'm looking forward to following you through this project!