Tuesday, May 28, 2013

day 26 : answer a trivia question & feed shelter dogs

okay, so i have noticed that 4 [more?] of my good deeds have been 'dog-centered' ; but i have totally become one of those dog people.
last week, i talked a bit about rescuing daphne & what she means to our family [read her full rescue story here] ; but as time goes by, my heart aches when i think about if she hadnt been found // all the other dogs that are looking for families.

i found this amazing website ; its called freekibble & its exactly like it sounds.
you dont have to register & its totally free.
you head over, answer a trivia questions and regardless of your answer [doesnt matter if its incorrect], 10 pieces of dog food will be donated to a shelter.
click here to see which shelters are participating [there are a bunch of awesome rescues in minnesota that are benefitting from this]

more of a cat person? click here to donate cat food!

my challenge for you : head over & answer the question.
tell a few friends and head back for the next few days.

it takes 3 seconds & you are donating food to an animal in need.
also, most shelters exist because of volunteers. when shelters know their animals will be fed ; it makes everything better!

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