Wednesday, May 22, 2013

day 20 : watch an inspiring video & pass it along

hi everybody.
today, i have a 22-minute video that will change your life.
please [please!] pinky-swear that you will watch it.

zach sobiech was an 18-year old kid from minnesota who has been a big deal on youtube for a while. he was an incredible songwriter, who was diagnosed with bone cancer.

a couple weeks ago, on his 18th birthday, soul pancake released this beautiful documentary on zachs life, his family & how he believed in living life.
this past monday, zach lost his battle to cancer ; but his message will live on.

give yourself 20 minutes [and a bunch of kleenex] & be inspired to live a better life. 
and then pass it on.

zachs song 'clouds' is so very beautiful. you can watch the celebrity music video above.

also, if you are interested in downloading 'clouds' ; money will be donated to childhood cancer research. you can listen // download the song here

i just re-watched the music video as i was writing this & once again have tear-stained cheeks.
this story // video // music will change your life. it will light a fire inspire you to make this world better right now.


  1. I have watched this a couple times now. You can't avoid the tears. He was such an inspirational person. It's amazing this legacy he leaves behind. r.i.p Zach.

  2. I watched this video the other day on facebook and bawled like a baby! SUCH an inspiration!!