Thursday, May 30, 2013

day 28 : donate an art kit to a child in moore, oklahoma

in two days, it will be 30 days that i have been doing this project!
so cool!
i am really enjoying this. in the beginning i was worried i couldnt keep up or find enough things to do ; but so far, i have been feeling great.
i find that i have been going out of my way to be a bit nicer to most people i encounter [the guy that blew the stop sign while i was on my bike? i wasnt super nice to him..]

today on rachels blog [really one of my favorites] ; she introduced me to art feeds.
do you know them? they are a non-profit based out of joplin, mo. they offer therapeutic art lessons to children experiencing trauma.
remember when that awful tornado tore through joplin in 2011? well, when the moore, oklahoma tornado hit, art feeds jumped at the chance to help.

two elementary schools were hit by the tornado & over 1,200 children attend the two schools.
for $10, one art pack [pens, pencils, paper, markers, colored pencils and crayons] will be given to each child. from there, they will work in a safe, controlled environment to heal & work through trauma through the power of art.
also, [this part is my favorite!] each child will receive a SUPER HERO CAPE [!!] to help them feel safe & secure.
[when i was a kid, the police were called to my house & one of the officers gave me a sticker & told me how strong i was. i remember thinking that sticker was the safest, most powerful thing in my life.]

if you are interested in donating an art pack, go here.
here is the art feeds website. and this is the post from rachel that introduced me to this amazing organization.
also, if you are looking to donate art SUPPLIES [crayons, paper, ect] ; you can do that here.

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