Tuesday, September 24, 2013

day 105 : help save a kitty!

are you a cat lover?
do you have $5 to help save a cats life?
i am a huge dog lover {duh} & quite a few of my acts have been dog-related.

BUT, todays act of kindness is for eden the cat!
my friend jen was driving the other day & noticed a kitty laying by the side of the road.
she pulled over & noticed the cat had been hit by a car & was in pretty rough shape.
jen took off her new scarf & wrapped the cat up {safe & sound} and took her to the vet.
they named her eden after the women who made the scarf {awww}

eden is still in pretty rough shape ; a broken jaw, lots of swelling near her eye & she needs a big surgery.
you can read more about eden & her story here.
also, jen is trying to raise $1,500 to cover edens medical expenses & is SO CLOSE to hitting the goal.
if you have $5 and want to save this cats life ; you can go here to donate!

i have known jen since high school & she really is one of the most inspirational people i know!
she has such a kind heart and really does work hard to make the planet better.

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