Monday, September 9, 2013

day 96 : buy a bar!

do you guys know project 7?
they are one of my favorite organizations ; they support seven different causes, everything from medical care to trees to fighting hunger.
you can purchase shirts {i have one!}, coffee, mints and more. each item in the shop goes towards a different cause. for example : the shirt i bought provides 25 meals to people in MY community!

a few weeks ago, i was out of town & spotted these fruit & grain bars in the local grocery store!
so awesome! they are whole grain & made with organic ingredients. bonus : for every two boxes purchased, the company donates meals to folks in need.

i really believe that the 'buy one, give one' movement will change the world. using my purchase power & my voice to stand up for causes, brands and organizations that are awesome is such a cool feeling ;)
have you seen project 7 bars in YOUR grocery store yet? 

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