Monday, September 16, 2013

day 99 : play skee-ball! & buy someone a game!

hi, you guys! 
i am thisclose to hitting 100 acts of kindness! 
this weekend was the healthy living summit, here in minneapolis ; so i got a TON of acts of kindness in! im excited to share them all over the next couple of days.

thursday night, kelly, ashleigh & i headed to pat's tap in south minneapolis. they have food, a bar & skee-ball. after our meal, we each played a few games.
the quarter in my machine was jammed, so i kept getting all my games for free.
once we were finished, i left my quarter near the slot so someone else could play a game on me.

and as a side note : i havent played skee-ball for years ; definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!!

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